Excellent Service & Parking Guidance in Lippulaiva Espoo

A new urban centre Lippulaiva in Espoo is now open! It offers everything for everyone, one place to run errands, have lunch, meet friends, shop in variety of shops or just sit in a café and enjoy life. Under the same roof you can also find a kindergarten, sport centre, health service for the whole family and even a library.

Lippulaiva is located right in the heart of Espoo, within greater Helsinki. Whether you are jogging, cycling, riding public transport or driving, finding your way to Lippulaiva is easy.

When arriving by car, you can find a parking space in a heated and barrier-free parking garage. No need for a ticket, parking starts and ends automatically using license plate recognition when entering and exiting the garage.

The two-story parking facility has been designed with the idea of keeping the customer in the focus all the time. Portier parking guidance displays are guiding drivers towards available parking spaces. Portier VISION™ parking cameras are installed on top of the driving lanes monitoring parking spaces on both sides of them. When a space becomes occupied, our proprietary algorithms detect the vehicle and subsequently read the license plate. All movement around vehicles is recorded which increases safety and helps possible damage claim resolutions. Stored videos and images can be quickly and easily searched using camera id, license plate and/ or time of the visit. VISION has also in-built audio that can be used e.g., for marketing campaigns, additional guidance or for streaming music.

If you can’t remember where you parked your car earlier, you can use search kiosks which show you the location of your vehicle. Just type in the license plate number and off you go.

Whilst parking guidance is an important component in driving the most important objective for any shopping mall, memorable customer experience, VISION camera-based guidance solution creates additional value also in other ways. In-built license plate recognition offers possibilities to analyze customer behaviour in a detailed manner or to link the information with other data sources, such as loyalty applications. On the other hand, Portier HOST parking guidance platform provides exact data on number of visits and their durations – information that is vital for the shopping mall owners for the optimization of rental revenues.

Visiting Lippulaiva has been made nice and easy for driving customers! When all aspects are well thought in your parking facility, you will get happy and loyal customers!

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