K-Citymarket Malmi (KCM) Helsinki – Improved Customer Experience by Portier Parking Guidance Solutions

Kesko Corporation (Finnish: Kesko Oyj) is a Finnish retailing conglomerate with its head office in Kalasatama, Helsinki. It is engaged in the grocery trade, building and technical trade as well as car trade. It also has operations in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland.

Kesko is aiming to improve customer convenience and enhance the overall shopping experience in its retail locations. Therefore, one of Malmi’s leading retail destinations, K-Citymarket, has received the state-of-the-art Portier parking guidance system into its parking facility.

The new system, designed to streamline parking and reduce congestion, comes as part of Kesko’s and K-Citymarket’s ongoing commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. Located in the heart of Malmi, the K-Citymarket serves as a bustling hub for shoppers and visitors alike, and the introduction of the Portier parking guidance system represents a significant step forward in ensuring a seamless experience for all.

Key features of the Portier parking guidance solution in K-Citymarket Malmi include:

  1. Real-time parking availability: Shoppers will now have access to real-time information regarding available parking spaces within the K-Citymarket parking facility. Entrance display showing the number of available parking spaces aims to minimize the time spent searching for parking and reduce traffic congestion in and around the premises. The data of the parking capacity is coming from 350 space-specific parking sensors which are installed above each parking space.
  2. Dynamic signage: Clear and intuitive signage has been installed throughout the parking facility, guiding drivers to available parking spaces efficiently and effectively. The system will display live updates on the number of spaces available in each section, helping drivers make informed decisions and navigate the parking area with ease.
  3. Enhanced safety and accessibility: The Portier parking guidance system prioritizes safety and accessibility, with designated spaces for drivers with disabilities and families with young children.

K-Citymarket Malmi is committed to providing customers with a seamless shopping experience from start to finish, and the introduction of the Portier parking guidance system underscores this commitment. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions, K-Citymarket aims to set a new standard for convenience and efficiency in retail parking facilities.

Portier parking guidance installation consists of space-specific parking sensors as well as dynamic LED guidance displays. The installation work was carried out during night-time to reduce any disturbances to customers’ traffic flow in the parking facility.

Portier’s priority is to make parking as convenient and enjoyable as possible!

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