Portier guiding in ParkCity – in the middle of Science Park, Turku

ParkCity is a new 10-story parking facility developed by the Turku Technology Properties and constructed in the middle of Turku Science Park. The completed parking facility will have 1,000 parking spaces and 90 spaces for bicycles. In alignment with rising EV charging demand, facility has 20 spaces dedicated for the electric vehicles but a reservation to add the capacity up to 200 spaces.

(Turku Technology Properties, ParkCity)

ParkCity serves multiple user groups including short-term visitors, contract parking as well as Park & ride drivers since ParkCity is located next to Kupittaa train station. After the building is completed, a covered route will connect the train station and the parking facility.

ParkCity’s guidance solution is based on ultrasonic single-space detection and sensors combined with the dynamic Portier guidance displays ensure that the visiting customers will have a smooth parking experience and can rely on finding the available space quickly. Sensors have RGB LEDs which makes communication with different LED colors easy to several user groups.

There are several parking facilities around the Science Park which are all guided by Portier parking guidance solutions and all of them are connected to Portier HOST cloud service. With just one login, the parking operator can monitor all parking facilities around Turku Science Park which is extremely convenient and easy. Different parking guidance technologies, different sizes of parking facilities and all the data arising from those is connected and combined into a single parking guidance platform, Portier HOST.

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