Portier Introduces Portier AI, a Revolutionary Artificial Intelligence-Driven Parking Guidance Solution that Predicts Parking Availability

Portier has announced the launch of Portier AI, a groundbreaking artificial intelligence-driven parking guidance solution that can predict parking occupancy in the near future. Portier AI is available as a module to our Wayfinder platform, a web-based parking guidance tool that drivers can access on their personal devices to get real-time information about how many parking spaces are available in area garages and parking lots. When Portier AI is deployed with Wayfinder, drivers can also get information about how many spaces will be available when the driver arrives at the parking facility.

“Portier AI is a game changer,” said Jussi Tomperi, Managing Director of Portier. “Not only does the technology tell drivers where parking is available, but it can also tell them how full the garage will be when they arrive, and whether the garage they’ve chosen will still be their best option. This is the true definition of Smart Parking.”

Portier AI uses current and historical parking data to forecast the facility’s occupancy in the near future. Combined with Wayfinder, the technology can create a guidance application that not only provides real-time guidance information but can also predict how many spaces will be available by the time the driver arrives at the parking facility. It can also recommend other area garages or lots if it determines that the garage will be full by the time the driver arrives. In addition to being available as part of Portier Wayfinding, Portier AI is also available as a separate solution that can be integrated into any manufacturer’s PARCS technology or parking guidance system.

“The benefits of Portier AI to parkers are obvious, but the benefits to parking owners and operators are just as important,” said Tomperi. “Being able to forecast future occupancy allows owners and operators to boost revenues by better managing spaces for different types of users, such as permit and short-term parkers. This can have an extraordinarily positive impact on the bottom line.”

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