Portier Road Guidance Signs in Smart City Turku

Turku city center has been under reconstruction during the past few years. The renewed market square is open for business again, just in time for Holiday decorations and festivities. There were many restricted routes in the city center during the renovation project which affected private drivers as well as public transportation. With traffic arrangements being back to normal in the center, it was a good time to remind drivers how to drive directly to an available parking space.

Aimo Park currently operates 17 parking facilities in Turku. To improve the traffic flow of cars in the middle of the city center, Aimo Park updated the Portier digital road signs which are now guiding drivers to parking facilities it operates. Dynamic Portier LED signs show the real time data in each of the parking facility which decreases idle driving around leading to lower congestion levels, better air quality and less traffic. This improved service of road guidance attracts drivers to use these parking facilities and creates loyal customers.

All the Portier road signs are connected to Portier HOST cloud service via mobile network connection, a single platform in which Aimo Park can monitor all its parking facilities in Turku and in other parts of Finland as well. Portier HOST combines different technologies, guidance displays, cameras, park sensors etc. into one parking guidance platform.

City centers want to be more attractive and welcoming for all inhabitants and visitors, well organized parking and its guidance are important factors affecting how people experience the city.

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