Portier Sonic Parking Sensor Project in P-Hansa Lahti

P-Hansa is a parking facility operated by Lahden Pysäköinti Oy. The facility is currently under renovation with the first floor completed and the second floor following in June 2024. The parking facility is open 24/7 and it serves customers without gates and tickets. After completion the facility will have 540 parking spaces including EV-charging possibilities. It serves short-term visitors and hotel guests and after both floors are opened, contract parking will be available as well.

Portier SONICTM parking sensors have already been installed in the facility’s completed part. Sonic is available in two different versions: one that is installed on top of the parking space, and another which is installed at an angle in front of the parking space. The latter installation method has the benefit that sensor’s LED indicators are more visible for the drivers. SONIC’s angled version is also quicker and more economical to install than sensors equipped with a separate external LED indicator since such solutions require additional cabling between the sensor and the external light.

Each sensor has RGB LEDs which enables easy separation of space categories (normal, EV, ADA, family, etc.) using different LED colors. The sensor itself is also available in different colors, so Sonic solution can either be blended with the facility’s color scheme or it can really stand out for maximum visibility.

The first phase of the installation was completed in three days, which is an extremely fast and cost-effective parking guidance system set up.

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