Traffic and parking consultants are important stakeholders in the design of the parking facility and its way-finding. Portier works with a large number of consultants globally and we see that as a very important dialogue where we get better understanding about the developing and varying customer needs and on the other hand, we can also contribute to the discussion with the latest technological advancements and our experiences from the latest projects. Taken together, these create market winning service concepts and customer experiences!

Portier offers the widest range of parking solutions for both indoor and outdoor use which allows us to discuss the most suitable technology for each use case instead of being fixed into a single solution that should fit for all. Our philosophy is to always start from the customer need and find the right technical solution for that.

Portier can also help with the technical details of guidance solutions which typically leads into better cost-effectiveness for example in the overall network and electricity infrastructure. Depending on the technology used, structural considerations and parking space alignment may have an impact to the overall performance and visibility of the guidance solution. Thus, even a brief discussion during the initial planning phases can make a huge difference to the functionality and visibility of the final solution.

Portier offers also cost-functionality assessments whereby implementation costs of different functionalities can be evaluated which can be helpful in the evaluation of the added value of the proposed functionality. Where applicable, Portier can also propose alternative ways to achieve similar functionalities.

Should you need any information about parking guidance technology and solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us!