Portier Space-Specific Guidance Solution at Helsinki Airport

Helsinki airport has more than 10 000 parking spaces and they have been using FLS space-specific guidance system since 2010 when the first 1000 spaces were equipped. Since then, they have added 5000 more spaces in three different car parks. Finavia, the operator of parking at the airport, is actively using system’s audio feature either for welcoming passengers or playing commercial messages. FLS conducted a survey among the drivers and more than 90 % of the people were satisfied with the system and thought that it helps parking and makes travelling more convenient. Furthermore, around 80 % recognized the audio message upon parking.

Helsinki Airport P1, P2 and P5 facilities have Portier space-specific guidance that has improved the parking experience of our customers. Furthermore, we have successfully utilized Portier audio feature to generate positive first impressions as well as revenues from our outdoor media campaigns.

– Nina Vainioranta, Account manager, Finavia