Portier HOST – Kalmar Parking Guidance System

Kalmar city in Sweden wanted to improve the parking capacity utilization and reduce unnecessary driving especially during peak traffic hours. In order to achieve this, all the parking areas were connected to Portier HOST cloud server which keeps track of the amount of free spaces in each parking area. None of the parking areas have any local hardware or software, all calculation points have been directly connected to the cloud server. The real-time availability info is submitted to roadside guidance displays that are also connected to HOST via mobile broadband connections. Furthermore, information is shared also to city’s own mobile application. Eventhough system contains more than ten different parking areas and tens of different guidance signs, the complete system was deployed in a very short time which illustrates the flexibility and simplicity of the HOST system.

System worked from the start and is really working consistently. Now it is simple to find the parking spaces and we avoid uneccessary driving around the city. Parking guidance system also contributes to a better urban environment which is another definite benefit.

– Björn Wigstedt, Serviceförvaltningen, Kalmar kommun