Portier Counters

Despite the developments on the space-specific guidance technologies, such as camera or ultrasonic detection, there are still certain cases where simple counting solution can be the most value adding solution. For such needs, Portier offers ultrasonic and induction
loop counters.

Ultrasonic counters are suitable for covered areas and can effectively replace induction loops – main benefit of the ultrasonic counter compared to an induction loop is that installation
doesn’t require cutting loops into structures which might be problematic in some locations.
Furthermore, cut loops tend to break over time as the traffic erodes the surface. Ultrasonic
counter is able to detect the driving direction of the vehicle and has an equal accuracy compared to induction loops.

Induction loops are extremely robust and cost-effective solution for counting in open
areas. Loops provide good accuracy if direction sensing pair of loops are used and if
the entry and exit points are properly designed.

Like other Portier technologies, counters are integrated into Portier HOST platform which means that a single installation can have a mix of counters as well as more advanced technologies depending on the user need. At the same time, HOST offers easy tools for manual or automatic calibration of counts.