Portier SONIC

SONICTM represents the most robust technology within parking guidance – ultrasonic space-specific guidance. Although Sonic was launched in 2021, it relies on our 20+ years’ experience in ultrasonic guidance solutions that has covered nearly 300 000 parking spaces globally.

Sonic is available as two different versions: one that is installed on top of the parking space, and another which is installed at an angle in front of the parking space. Latter installation method has the benefit that sensor’s LED indicators are more visible for the drivers. SONIC’s
angled version is also quicker and more cost-effective to install than sensors equipped with a separate external LED indicator since such solutions require additional cabling between the sensor and the external light.

Each sensor has RGB LEDs which enables easy separation of space categories (normal, EV, ADA, family, etc) using different LED colours. Sensor itself is also available with different colours so Sonic solution can either be blended with the facility’s colour scheme or it can really
stand out for maximum visibility.

Key benefits of Portier SONIC

Extremely high accuracyReliability is the key in guidance – customer loyalty is only earned by a system that people can trust
Easy InstallationEasy and fast to install with specific installation profile
Integrated audioGlobally unique feature to boost customer experience and revenues through welcoming messages or commercials
Future proof solutionPortier ParkSensors runs on HOST platform which can mix multiple existing technologies as well as introduce new ones
Dedicates spacesRGB LEDs makes it easy to modify the colours in the sensors if the customer wants to dedicate spaces for electric vehicles or other user groups
Access from anywhereYou can access the software with any Internet-connected device
Cloud deploymentSystem is installed to a cloud server – no need for a local IT procurement and maintenance