Portier Wayfinder

Innovations in urban mobility offers increasing number of transport options such as shared car services, connected journeys combining different transportation modes or short-term rentals. At the same time, vehicle technology is moving towards electric vehicles which means more
demand for EV charging stations and thus real-time availability information of charging stations is more important. Even if the mobility is changing, convenient and effective parking will continue to be an important piece of the mobility puzzle as above trends will just increase the demand for accurate and timely parking information.

Traditionally parking guidance has focused on effective on-site guidance but as mobility becomes more diverse, guidance should also extend beyond on-site premises. Portier WayfinderTM provides accurate and real-time parking availability in easily understandable format.

Wayfinder is accessible with any Internet-connected smart device without logins or without the need to download yet another application. Wayfinder runs on standard browsers and as soon as the users reach the Wayfinder website, they can see a snapshot of the overall availability or
access more detailed information per parking facility or area.